Dark World

Newt and Rowan find a key . . .
It opens a doorway . . .
They are pulled through . . .

Into a scary world ravaged by the Darkness. Buildings are just piles of rubble and among the debris are zombie-like humans! Newt and Rowan are desperate to escape, until they stumble upon something much more sinister. There is evil in this world – and it won’t stop until everything has been destroyed.

Will Newt and Rowan stop the evil in Dark World?

OTHER WORLDS 4: Dark World
Author: George Ivanoff
ISBN: 9780143786252
To be published by Penguin Random House Australia on 28 May 2018.

OTHER WORLDS is a new series of books for kids aged 8 and up, from George Ivanoff, author of the You Choose series and the RFDS Adventures.
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