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  1. Hi George, I really love these books and thought I’d follow the books advice and send you my story. Id start it by hearing all these “conspiracies about other worlds” (Note I kinda got this from game world) and search all over for clues and keys. When annoyed I throw my favourite toy on the floor in anger and am transported to a world of my consciousness and am not free until there is nothing on my conscious, you can chose if that happens or not…

    P.s I did this after your Christ Church Visit, I’ve always wanted to do this.

    1. Hi Harvey,
      Thanks for sharing you story idea. Very cool! Hope you enjoyed the virtual visit. You all had such great ideas when we were planing out that story on the whiteboard.

  2. Dear George
    I loved your visit you have inspired me to be a great writer someday. Your vist was great thank you.

  3. Hi George,
    Just wanted to tell you, I LOVEED your visit. I’m pretty sure everyone did. (^_^) You visited our school TSAC. You came on the 31/07/2018. You inspired me to write in fantasy! I like your books! Thanks for visiting! Hope you reply soon! ??Sya!

    1. Hi Indiah. I’m so pleased that you and the others enjoyed my visit to TSAC. And I an thrilled that I’ve inspired you to start writing fantasy. It is never to early to get started.

  4. Dear george ivanoff
    please read this because if you replyi will be so happy and so excited because i have saw you and also you are very nice and man that new series of yours is perfect,so how did you come up with the books ????Just saying and how much books are you planing to do because it is so great and look up to your furtrue and you can see it shine so bright so keep it up.

    1. Hi again, Travis,
      I came up with the OTHER WORLDS series because I wanted to write some more sci–fi and fantasy books, and I’ve always been a big fan of portal fiction. I’m hoping to do some more OTHER WORLDS books, but it will al depend on how well the first 4 do.

  5. Dam that new series was such a great progess i am so lucky you came gezz that was so amazing and you are like very special.

  6. Hi George Ivanoff ,

    it was nice meeting you at St Joseph’s primary school can l ask you a question and here is my question!

    Question: How old were you when you made the first book of you choose ? Plus my school is St Joseph’s primary school. Thanks for meeting my school

    1. Hi Anna,
      I enjoyed visiting St Joseph’s. My first YOU CHOOSE book (The Treasure of Deadman’s Cove) came out in 2014 and I was 46 at the time.

      1. Dear George ,

        Thanks for coming and reading a bit of your books so we can have a peak for reading your books.

        Thanks so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  7. Hi George,
    Thanks for coming to our school!You were really funny when you read some books.
    I remember when someone said “which book do you disliked “and it was really because you said
    “I don’t like my first book because the book had lot’s of mistakes so feel free to burn my first book.

  8. Dear Gorge
    It was the best day ever when you came to are school.My favet book that you made was Dark Word I got Dark world becuse it sand intresting I hope you came back.

  9. Dear George,
    You have the best books in the world. I enjoyed them because it helps us in lots of ways.

    I hope you can come to our school one last time.

  10. Hi George,
    Thanks so much for coming to our school. You may remember me as one of the quadruplets getting their books signed. That was really funny!!! I hope that you make more books in the future from the OTHER WORLDS series. I really hope that you come to our school again.

    1. Hi May,
      Visiting you school was an absolute pleasure. I am hoping I get to write more OTHER WORLDS books. And yes, I remember the ‘quadruplets’. 🙂

  11. Hey George,
    Thank you for coming to our school in Springvale.
    And also I can’t believe that I got auto graph and got to shale your hand!

    Please come Visit our school again.Fingers crossed.

    Could you also make a You choose book That is about 12 deaths of Christmas.

    Hope our school sees

    1. Hi Anley,
      Sorry I missed your message… it ended up in the spam folder. That’s why it’s taken me soon long to reply. I’m so pleased you enjoyed my visit to your school. I don’t have any plans for a mother YOU CHOOSE book but yet. But if I do another, I will keep your suggestion in mind.

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