Other worlds exist beyond our own. And there are doorways into these worlds. But you need a key to go through. There are keys hidden across the globe. And each key is disguised. They could be anything from a flower to a rock, from a piece of art to a stuffed cat.

Each key is connected to a special person or persons. Only they can use the key. And it’s a one-use, one-way key. Once you are in another world, you have to find your own way back.

How do I know?

I’ve been to another world. And now I’m collecting the stories of others who have done the same.

I have put together this website to record those stories. If you find a key . . . If it opens a doorway into another world . . . You’ll want to go through. There will be an incredibly strong urge to do so. That’s your connection with the key. Be ready. It could be dangerous. It could be deadly. You might never come back . . .

But if you do, then tell me your story.